10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me 2018

I made a post exactly like this almost a year ago, but I haven’t realized how much I’ve changed in the past year until one of my dad’s friends brought it up yesterday.

I’m not exactly sure what caused me to change for the best, whether it’s basically being single for a year (learning to love myself on my own), going to school out of state, or just getting older, I definitely have grown into a better me within the past year.

Today I’m here to show 10 Things You Probably Don’t know about me!

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5 Tips For Staying Organized In College With ADHD

I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was about 8 years old and have been taking medication ever since. Needless to say, I still have ADHD symptoms, just less than I would if I was unmedicated.

After being almost complete with my second semester of college I have a little bit of insight into ways to keep your college life organized even if you struggle with ADHD!

I’m here today to give you my top five tips on how I survived college so far and have stayed organized, you can even use these tips during the summer!

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5 Ways To Stay and Feel Positive Even On Your Worst Days

We all have bad days, some more than others. I used to struggle with depression and anxiety greatly, so it felt like every day was a bad day for me. After a while, my sad feelings went away, mostly thanks to this blog, and I haven’t had a really bad day in a while, until yesterday.

When I have a bad day or something sets me off, one of two things happen, I either get over it in an hour or I’m really sad for a day. I don’t necessarily get really personal on my blog, but I spent the majority of my day crying and being sad yesterday, just over someone’s words.

I know how horrible it is to have a bad day or to be upset, so I’m here today to give you five ways to stay and feel positive even on your worst days.

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What I Learned From Going To College Out Of State

No matter where you go to college you have a lot of new experiences, but when going somewhere out of state, you obviously can have different expierences. You don’t have your family, friends, and likely don’t know anyone there. Today, I finished my freshmen year of college. Although I only go to school one state away, 240 miles to be exact, it was still a … Continue reading What I Learned From Going To College Out Of State

A Love Letter To My Insecureties

I had all intentions to post this on Valentine’s Day, it is about love after all. But between how comfortable my bed was and how not so good of a mood I was in, I decided to push it back a day.

I got this idea after I saw Nathalie Paris post about it on her Snapchat. I thought it was a cool idea but decided to put my own spin on it, like always.

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January Happiness

If you’re new here, or forgot I existed due to my failing to post for a month, monthly happiness is something I post about every month. I take time to reflect on all the good situations I was put in, by choice or on accident over the past, around 30 days.

January was honestly a great month for me. It was full of a lot of different events and adventures that I can’t wait to share.

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