Respect, Compassion, and Collaboration Post

Be Happy

In August 2017, I start my journey to college. Money being an obstacle for my family and I, I applied to as many scholarships as I could. One was sent to me about respect, compassion and collaboration and this is what I wrote:


I am the kind of person we cried when it rains because worms get washed into the road. I love and care for not only people, but animals too. I have volunteered with both children with disabilities and animals for many years. During my high school career my love for animals and helping people grew as the years went on.  

When I was a junior in high school I went vegan and started volunteering at my local dog shelter. After learning about how animals are bred just to be slaughtered I decided I could no long put money towards such a corrupt industry. I care too much about other living things to cause harm to them. When I stopped eating animal products I realized how much love I had not only for humans, but for all living things. Volunteering at my county dog shelter made me realize how misunderstood many breeds of dogs are, and how all living beings, no matter their reputation, deserve love.

My freshmen year I dropped my Spanish classes and was put in peer collaboration. In peer collaboration you work with your special needs peers a period a day. I was put in copy center, my peers name was Natasha. We made copies for classes together and then delivered them to the classrooms. It made me realize that all people are the same no matter what. I still have contact with her to this day even though she graduated in 2015. The summer going into my sophomore year I volunteered with a local organization called Miracle League. Miracle League gives young adults the opportunity in play softball that is both safe and fun. I was lucky enough to be a buddy to a boy named Matty for two years. I truly learned a lot from both of these opportunities.  

All of these experiences have not only made me realize how blessed I am, but also opened my eyes. I see everyone differently now and everything I do is filled with love and compassion. I base my actions on not only myself but for the love of all living things around me. My love for people and animals has grown as I have gotten older and I genuinely hope it never stops growing.


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