A Letter to Myself in 4 Years

Be Happy

When I was a freshman in high school my english teacher assigned us the task of writing ourselves letters to open our senior year. As our graduation date is approaching (18 days, but I’m not counting) we received our letters in our english class. I’m surprised on home when I have changed. I then got the idea of writing a letter for my senior year of college.
Here is my freshman letter:

So… Here we go.

I hope you’re alive and kicking ass. You’ve been vegan for a year and better still be. I’m preparing to go to Clarion in the fall. I love everything and learning.  I hope I still have the passion to want to do everything and learn everything. I still haven’t found my niche for my social media but I hope I have at least more of a platform to provide love, laughter, information and support to everyone.

And about that boy… If I’m still with him, I hope so, marry him. I hope I have a business by now and are still super cool. If I went through college and still don’t have friends what am I doing.
I hope that I’ve gotten my mental health on track and that I’m still happy. There’s no one like me and I deserve to be happy. So do it. I hope I’m still me. I hope I still have my style, thrift, have the drive to kick ass, love all things living, and are just Cora.
Be Happy,

18 year old Cora

I also made a similar video on my youtube channel here it is!


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