What I Learned From Working Through High School

Be Happy

The day I turned 16 I started applying for jobs. I got hired at my first and only interview and a fast food restaurant near my house. The restaurant I work at is actually right across the street from my chains corporate headquarters.

When I first started working I was shy. I was socially awkward. Now, I’m confident in every social situation because I spend hours a week working in customer service.

I’ve also realized how hard working I am. When I first started I slacked. I often stood there on my phone and did nothing. Now I’m always doing something, cleaning, stocking, helping other people.

I love learning. Before getting a job I hated school. Now I love learning about anything and everything to the post there’s nothing more I can learn at my job.

I’ve learned you’re not going to like everyone. People are rude but you just have to smile through it.

In conclusion, I’ve learned the value of hard work and dedication. If you work while in high school you’ll learn many qualities of life. It’s not a common thing to hear, but I love my fast food job.


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