An Introvert’s Guide to Senior Year

Be Happy

I spent more time with myself than I do with other people yet I’m not upset about it. I’m one of the most low key people I knew. I’m not shy but I probably won’t be the one to start a conversation. Your senior year is filled with tons of events you’re expected to attend and memories you’re “supposed” to be making. So this is my guide, as a fellow introvert, to getting through your senior year of high school.

1. Football Games 

During my four years of high school I only attended about four sports events. Most high schoolers are seen at friday night lights. You might seem “uncool” for not going, but trust me. It’s not that big of a deal to no go when you’d spend the whole night possibly dreading going.
2. Award Ceremonies 

You’ll probably feel or be obligated to go to these. Even though you don’t want to you I promise it’s worth it. My tip is to get through the ceremony then leave ASAP.
3. Prom

I went to two school dances, my freshman homecoming and my senior prom. Honestly all I enjoyed was getting ready. But my tip is go with people you truly like. I went with my good friends to my prom this year and being with them was great. It’s also a good idea to had a ride ready if for some reason you’re ready to leave before it’s officially over.
4. Graduation 

YOU ARE NOT OBLIGATED TO GO. At least at my school. Something about sitting for hours with people you might not know well because you keep to yourself isn’t always fun. My tip is try to go if you pick one thing in the list to attend… it’s possibly the last time you’ll see any of your class mates.


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