Critical Steps To Being Happy For Summer 2017

Be Happy

While struggling with a mood disorder and anxiety, being truly happy was a huge problem for me for a long time. I finally realized what I can do to be happy all the time. This is a list of things I find are crucial to my happiness
1. Staying off social media 

If you watch my Youtube channel you would know I made two videos on this, Why I deleted social media and a follow up video. I’ve learned that staying off social media and not having to be the center of your life or distract you makes you happy.

2. Yoga

I used to go to a yoga every Thursday. It made me healthier and happier. Exercise helps you both mentally and physically.

3. Eating Healthy 

Since going vegan I noticed that how I eat affects how I feel. When I eat fresh foods I feel clean and feel better all together. When I eat greasy or processed foods I notice I feel dirty and sluggish.

4. Waking Up Early

When I wake up at 5:30 I notice I feel significantly better than when waking up at 7. I have time to eat when I do this and get in a good mind set.
5. Good Friends

Weather you like it or not, you are who you hang out with. If you are friends with people who are more negative then positive you will probably be in a more negative mindset. Surrounding yourself with happy people will probably make you more happy.

6. Go Outside 

If you go outside every chance you get you’ll get the health benefits for the sun. If going outside isn’t an option for you I highly recommend buying a Happy Light. They were created for seasonal depression but I use mine all year round and benefit from it greatly.

Here’s a list of all my post and videos about how I stay happy:

Originally Why I Deleted Social Media

Follow Up: Why I Deleted Social Media
April Happiness


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