Last Week of High School 

Be Happy

It’s my last week of high school this week. If you read my Introverts Guide To Senior Year you know I normally keep to my self. I have a select few friends that I’ve had throughout high school and I’m happy with that. I woke up today and was excited. It was my last week. Last Monday. I was slightly sad.

But the feeling went away quickly. As I got to school. Watched senior pranks happen. I realized I’m beyond ready to move on. High school was a great learning experience. You watch who grows up and who doesn’t. I was lucky enough to grow up significantly the beginning on my junior year. You watch people change. I went into high school with medium length blonde hair, no body modifications and commonly shopped at the mall. I’m leaving high school with short hair hair, tattoos and piercings and can only find me at a thrift store.

So during your last week. Reflect. Look at your lost and gained relationships. How you’ve changed. How your classmates have changed. And how your life was changed.
Be happy.


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