20 Things You Must Do Before Turning 20

Be Happy

I’m eighteen now but I thought this would be an important list to make for me!

1. Be truly happy

2. Find a true career path 

3. Have my brand developed

4. Have at least a 3.5 GPA in college 

5. Have a well developed daily routine

6. Go back to my high school at least once 

7. Have a car 

8. Have a well developed savings account 

9. Have a set capsule wardrobe 

10. Have ALL cruelty free and sustainable or products 

11. Vist 10 states

12. Scuba-dive

13. Go canoeing 

14. Have a non fast food job

15. Be paying all my bills myself 

16. Established my social media presence 

17. Build a good friend base 

18. Have a good relationship with all my family 

19. Be volunteering 2 places 

20. Go out of the country at least once 


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