5 Summer Fashion Essentials 

Fashion and Beauty

To me spring and summer mean lighter colors. I love summer because the weather is nice and the clothes are cute. On my YouTube channel I created a Summer Lookbook, I thought I would add to it on my blog by creating my 5 essential items for summer. The majority of my clothes are thrifted so most of items I don’t actually own but I thought I would find items I could link!

1. Summer Sandals 

I do own these shoes from Target! They’re comfortable and perfect for both casual outfits and if you want to dress up a bit. Although I like to wear light colors and summer I think black shoes like these suit my style more.

2. Lightwash Jeans

I love mom jeans like the ones in the featured photo. Lightwash jeans look great in summer and are much cooler than darker jeans. These jeans from Levi’s are perfect because they aren’t too tight either!

3. White Sneakers

I own similar shoes to these from Converse! Althought white shoes can be hard to keep white they make your style look clean and fresh.

4. White Dresses

White summer dresses for me are a must have for me! This dress from Free People is perfect! Although white can be see through the right dress won’t! It’ll still keeps you cool and look stylish at the same time.

5. Colored Accessories 

Although I mainly like neutrals, I love to add pops of colors. I have similar heals to these and love them. I also loved colored jackets, as seen in my video, and jewelry!


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