5 Places To Visit Before 2025


I love traveling but as an 18 year old about to go to college it’s tough to do. One of my top things on my bucket list is to visit every state I can. My goal is to visit these 5 places before 2025.

1. Washington 

A few years ago I stared watching a show called Tree House Masters (My grandparents old neighbors son’s show actually) that was based in Washington. I later found out the Seattle is considered one of the most creative cities and that’s why it’s number one on my list.

2. Michigan 

The dreaded work for almost any one who lives in Ohio. To be honest this is on my list mainly because I know I’m going there this summer. I’m still excited to go and cross another state off my list!

3. Vermont

My cousin and uncle live here! Everything they say makes me feel like it’s an amazing state. They have a great lifestyle and I really want to make me visiting happen!

4. Illinois 

My mom lived here for awhile in Chicago. Besides the fact my favorite rapper is from here I all together think it’s a cool place. I pasted through it going to Wisconsin but that’s not the same as visiting!

5. Maryland 

Maryland has some pretty cool art schools. My roommate is also from there and speaking very highly of it!
I know this was a short post but it shows also about me! The states I have been to so far are New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Wisconsin! I’ve also been to Canada a few times because I have family in Buffalo and it’s close!

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