The Ideal Desk and Beauty Organization 

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My desk is not only for working but it’s also my beauty station. I’ve decided this is best for me because it’s less space than for me to have one table for work and one of beauty. If you didn’t already know this makeup is one of my biggest passions so having a large workspace is a must have for me.

Moving from Left to right: Happy Lightmirror, thrifted watch box, plants gifted to me, desk organizer, makeup brush cups I DIYed.

A must have for me is my Happy Light. Although it’s meant for winter I use it all year round. I use it when I’m doing my makeup and it’s dark out or when I’m feeling particularly down that day. I also am very sensitive to the sun so this helps me receive the feeling you would outside.

I’m not sure if the mirror I linked above is the exact mirror I have but it’s similar. It’s meant to light up but I use my happy light instead. It’s also small enough that it isn’t the focus!

Plants are a must have for me. They’re beautiful and clean the air! I thrifted the box for a yard sale and actually keep my earrings in it. My makeup brush holder are glasses I thrifted and used acrylic paint to decorate them to my liking!

In the desk organizer I keep pens and pencils that are mostly black. My favorite pencils are the black Ticonderoga ones and are the only pencils I will use! I also keep a pencil sharpener, incense, hand lotion and makeup remover.

I’m going to briefly touch on my makeup storage. I made a video on my makeup collection and storage if you’d like to see my storage and products! And yes, it’s all cruelty free!

On top of my Alex 9 drawer set from Ikea I keep the one fake plant that I own, a Joe’s Tea bottle, a motivational calendar, and a Rock Balance Scentsy.

For the organization of my make up I use container I got from The Container Store and Amazon.

Keeping a clean work space is essential to me. I love my set up and it makes me feel content. If you liked this post don’t forget to check out the rest of me blog and give it a like and a follow!
Be happy.


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