What It’s Really Like To Decide To Major In Art

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Although I haven’t started college yet I can still give you my opinion on what it’s like to tell people you’re going to major in art.

It’s scary.

I’ve always taken art classes at school. I’m always the girl you see carrying her latest project. But you probably didn’t expect my to continue my art career after high school.

When you’re talking about college one of the main things you’re asked is what you’re going to major in and if you’re anything thing me this is a kind of weird conversation. You hear people majoring in premed and engineering and then you speak up and say “Oh yeah, I’m majoring in art.”  Then you’ll probably get asked what you plan to do with your degree. You know what I say?

I have no idea

But I can tell you that I know it’s what I want and that I’m passionate about it. I can tell you that I’m majoring in art and what I do after college more than likely isn’t going to have to do with me degree. I can tell you that I’m probably going to start a business. I can tell you I’m more than likely not going to have a 9 to 5 job. Because you know what marjoring in art means? It means you’re thinking outside the box. There’s more to you then math and science. You’re beyond creative. And you’re definitely not afraid to take a risk.

So am I afraid? Slightly. Am I excited? Definitely. So what does it really like to tell people you’re going to major in art in one word?



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