5 Best Restaurants With Vegan Options In Central Ohio


For having been vegan for a year I know a bit about the restaurants near me. I love food and something about a menu the marks items as vegan bring excitement to me. So today I’m here to bring you the five best restaurants, in my opinion, with vegan options near me!

1. Melt
Melt is a pretty great restaurant for anyone, not just vegans. They specialize in large sandwiches and the restaurant atmosphere is unique. I love their online menu because they offer videos of their food not just pictures! They also mark items as vegan, vegetarian, and can be make either.

2. Mellow Mushroom 

Another great place for anyone but also vegans. Mellow Mushroom offers vegan pizza. They give off the same atmosphere as melt and they food is amazing.

3. The Backstretch 

Located in Delaware Ohio. This restaurant/ bar was there when my mom was in collage. We recently went and they’re expanding their menu and adding vegetarian options! The Backstretch not only had great food, I got the tacos, but my mom and I enjoyed talking to the man serving us very much!

4. Whole Foods

Given this isn’t just a restaurant but also a grocery store it’s still one of my favorite places to eat. They offer vegan cupcakes, vegan pizza, vegan everything.

5. Dirty Franks 

Dirty Franks is a hot dog place. But not just any dogs, weird dogs. Just look at their menu! Almost any of their dogs can be made vegan!
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Be happy. 


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