May Happiness 

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Starting in April I started a series on my blog where I post about what made me happy the previous month. This ending up leading to me branching out and creating on whole series on just being happy!

1. Graduation 

At the end of May I graduated high school! Finally ending this chapter of my life and getting to move on to the next makes me happy.

2. Finished My Last High School Art Piece

I finished my last art piece of high school! Although I’m going on to major in art it was still exciting to finish such an important piece.

3. I Got A Car

I was lucky enough to have been gifted a car for graduation! Being free to drive myself makes me happy.

4. My Boyfriend Came Back For Deployment  

My boyfriend had to go to Jordan for a month. Being without him for a month was hard and I was beyond happy for him to come back.

5. Cedar Point

Where you’re a senior at my school our class trip is to go to Cedar Point. I was lucky enough to go and be surrounded by some of my closest friends.

I know this post was a little late but I hope you enjoyed my post! If you did don’t forget to check out the rest of my blog and my email list!


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