The Truth About Thrifting 

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Let’s play a game. Would you rather spend $8 on a pair of jeans or $50? Most of you will probably say $8. But what’s the catch?

They’re used

A lot of people believe thrifting is gross and dirty. They’d rather pay full price for something new and new worn. They don’t realize the great things you can get out of thrifting.

Most thrift stores wash their clothes before put them out for sale. So even if you’re still concerned about it you can always go right home and wash them.

Their clothes might now always be for that season but rather than paying $50 for the newest shirt wouldn’t you prefer to pay for something either completely unique or a few years old?

For me, I can never find jeans that fit me at a modern store so thrifting is good for me because it’s easy to find jeans like old Levi’s that will actually fit me.

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve found clothes for companies like Adidas, Nike, Victoria’s Secret and such places with more expensive items. For example in this thrift haul video I made on YouTube I got a Victoria’s Secret robe for around $5 when they’re around $50 in store.

Another popular thought is that thrift stores don’t have good things. This is absolutely not true. You just have to know how to look. You have to check all section and all sizes. If you’re a women, check men’s. If you’re a man check woman’s. Items are often miss marked so you have to actually look to find great finds.

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Be happy. 


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