The Happiness Planner Review 

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When deciding to scroll through my Instagram a few weeks ago I stumbled upon an ad for something called a Happiness Planner and I was instantly intrigued.

In about two months I’m headed to college and I’m in need of a planner. I’m also doing everything in my power to stay happy, I don’t talk about it a lot on here but I actually have a mood disorder so my mental health is something I really need to focus on.

I spent some time going through the site and decided to get the 100 Day Planner in black so that I can start it when I get to school.

When you first open the planner it gives a summary of the planner. It then continues to Createing Your Happiness Roadmap, which is the first section.

This section is divided into 15 sections to help you know what to focus on for your 100 days of mindfulness. Some of the exercises include What Makes You Happy, What Are Your Strengths, Qualities Or Habits You Would Like To Improve and finishes with What You Will Do Over The Next 100 Days. On a few of the exercises there are motivation quotes on the opposite page.

After you finish the exercises you’re then ready to start your planner!

Each week starts with a weekly plan. That lists out the days of the week then notes.

The next seven pages are daily pages. Each daily page contains small mindfulness activities asking questions like what you’re excited for, focus, meals, and exercises. Then it continues with schedule and todos. This goes on for the seven days then ends in weekly reflection.

The Weekly Reflections also include small mindfulness activities. Some of the activities include; words to describe your week, your moods and the weeks highs and lows.

The back of the book includes a 100-Day Review. You fill in your scores and answer a few mindfulness questions. It also includes a notes page.

In the end I without a doubt recommend buying this. It’s a week put together planner that’s not an arm and a leg that will help you be mindful. It’ll motivate you to want to keep track of how you’re feeling and keep your life scheduled.

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