My Cruelty Free Makeup Collection Series Part One

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I’ve decided to do a four part series of my makeup collection. I’m wanting to divide it up so that it’s not one large post and so that I can go very in depth with all my products. I have a post here about all my organization. The first part, part one, I’m going to be talking about all my face products.

These are probably my two favorite drawers. Something about having the look of flawless skin makes me so happy.

Let me first start out by saying two things. One, it’s so hard for me to keep make up clean. Two, there are going to be a product or two that aren’t cruelty free. I’m not promoting them but I’m also not a wasteful person especially in the aspect of money. So yes, I bought a $50 foundation without realizing it wasn’t cruelty free.

Let’s begin with foundation. My favorite foundation is the Kat Von D Lock It Foundation, it’s the most full coverage foundation I’ve ever had the pleasure of having. I also have that one now Cruelty Free foundation, a Sonia Kashuk Stick Foundation, and a Tatre Powder Foundation.

I have one tan Beauty Blender and one black one. I’ve only used the tan one about three times and it looks dirty no matter how hard I clean it, sigh.

For primers I have a lot because I was previously subscribed to Ipsy and it seemed like a common product to get. My favorite primer is the Trust Fund Beauty Give Me Good Face. It reminds me a lot of the Smashbox Photofinish primer except its vegan and cruelty free! I also have a NARS primer, one from MAKE Beauty, Too Faced Hangover Primer and a random product i us to make my eyelids glossy.

Moving on to power and concealer. My favorite concealer is Kat Von D Lock It, see the patter yet? I have yet to purchase the full size but it’s definitely going to happen. I also have the Wet n Wild Celebrity Correct, three from ELF, and the end of a NYX contor stick. For powers my favorite is the NYX Mineral Powder wich is some how missing from my drawers, hmmm. I also have one from Wet n Wild and two from ELF!

Three products here do not belong, in waiting for one of my wonderful friends to come and get them.

My favorite highlight is definitely the Anastasia Glow Kit in Gleam. I also have a sample of two Becca ones, a set for Urban Decay which I’m not a fan of, two from Wet n Wild and one from Pixi.

For bronzing and contor my favorite is, you probably guessed it, Kat Von D Shade And Light Pallet. I also have a Sudenly Sun Bronzer and a Bronzer from the Balm.

For blush most of them are randoms. My favorite is the little baby Tarte one but I also really enjoy NARS Orgasim.

That’s all for part one! If you like this don’t forget to check back for the rest of the serious and get out my post for my beauty station organization here!


4 thoughts on “My Cruelty Free Makeup Collection Series Part One

  1. love to see that you’re cruelty free! i just started to make sure that all of my products are cruelty free!! it’s not easy sometimes but sooooo worth it. thanks for sharing!! hope all is well 💛


  2. This is great! Ive actually just started my makeup series, i am on post 2 if you would like to check that out! I try to be cruelty free too! I threw out some of my old makeup a while back because it wasn’t cruelty free – There is so many brands that i love but i just cant bring myself to use them anymore because they test on animals!xo


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