Naked Urban Decay Heat Pallet Swatches 

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There was a lot of heat with this pallet but there’s nothing ashy about the shadows in this pallet.

Check out the look I did with this pallet here!

Although I’m currently not able to wear makeup right now do to minor surgery on my eye, I can already tell I’m in love with this pallet. I’ve been wanting a pallet with colors like these for years. All of the following swatches are shown with flash! The color shown is also the one with the dot!

1. Ounce

2. Chaser

3. Sauced

4. Low Blow

5. Lumbre

6. He Devil

7. Dirty Talk

8. Scorched 

9. Cayenne (pink) and 10. En Fuego (green)

11. Ashes

12. Ember


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