My Cruelty Free Makeup Collection Series Part Three

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I have recently started a series on my blog showcasing my cruelty free makeup collection. The first post shows all of my face products while my second post shows half of my eye products!

In this post I will be showing the other half of my eye shadow pallets and all of my lip products! Keep in mind all of these products are cruelty free because that is something I am incredibly passionate about!


In my fifth drawer I also keep eye shadow pallets. I like to keep them spread out because it’s easier to see! My favorite pallets in this drawer in the Too Faced Sweet Peach pallets, I love it not only because of the colors but it smells amazing! I also have the second Lorac Pro pallets, the Kat Von D Shade and Light Eye pallet, the Naked 2 pallet, a travel size Tarte pallets, the Urban Decay Electric pallet, the first Kyle pallets, and the Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Pallet!


In the sixth drawer I keep my lip products. Some of my favorite lip products are NYX Liquid Suede in the color Sandstorm, Jefree Star Liquid Lipstick in Posh Spice, and the Balm Cosmetic Liquid Lipstick in Committed (can you tell I love liquid lipsticks haha)!

I also have a few lipsticks from Urban Decay, Tarte, Marc Jacobs, and ELF. I have some natural chapsticks from random places, and a few products from Wet N Wild! The only lip kit I have is the Bite Beauty Watercolor Set. I don’t particularly like it but I keep it because it happens to be what I purchased with my first pay check!


If you enjoyed this post don’t forget to check out the rest of the series and my blog and feel free to give a follow and like! I also have YouTube channel linked here if you want to check that out!




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