June Happiness 

Be Happy, Lifestyle

I’ve recently started a series on my blog showcasing what made me happy for the month! So far I’ve done a post for May and April and I’m here today to bring you my post for June!

1. My Mom Got Engaged 

Although it’s not exactly something that has to do with me, this event made me happy. My moms incredibly happy about it so in that case it makes me happy too!

2. Michigan 

My boyfriend and I have been together since about September and we made the drive back to his hometown in Michigan so that I could meat his family and friends! This made me happy because it’s kind of a big step in a relationship and I had fun!

3. Work

No picture for this one sadly but I love my job! I’m blessed enough to have started my summer break working full time! Being able to have money and pay for college makes me happy!

4. New York 

I visited/ am still visiting my family in New York! This makes me happy because my family is really important to me and my grandpa is one of my biggest supporter on my blog!

5. I Got A Camera 

Working all through high school pays off! I bought myself a Canon Rebel T6i and I love it! This makes me happy because I won’t have to buy one in college!
I hope you enjoyed this post and if you didn’t don’t forget to give a follow and check out the rest of my blog!


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