Dear An Abusive Ex 

Dear An Abusive Ex,
I refused to let anyone touch me for six months after we ended things. I didn’t even let my mom hug me. I can tell you exactly when I was when I told my mom why I didn’t like to be hugged anymore.

You still come to when I work years later and I have to explain to my coworkers why I’m upset.

My new boyfriend doesn’t quit understand why I’m anxious all the time or why I hate fighting but I’m not sure he ever will.

But let me tell you the positive.

I know what I deserve know. I know I deserve friends that love me. I know I deserve nice words. I know I deserve a man who holds the door for me and tells me how beautiful I am whenever he can. I know I deserve someone who doesn’t lie about me and make me look like that bad person. I deserve the man I have now. And even though I wasted time being with you. It was a huge learning experience. So thank you. Thank you for treating me so horribly that I had to learn I only have myself.

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