Art Major Adventures


I’ve decided to start a new part on my blog capturing the adventures I go on creating art as a college student. My awesome roomie and new best friend models and two of her photographer friends came up for the weekend and let me tell you, it was a kick ass thing.

Not only were they two of the coolest guys I’ve ever met but they also make sick art.


I recently got a Canon Rebel T6i mainly for YouTube but I’ve gotten into the practice of photography Maddy, fellow art majors, and of course, the freshmen baseball team. Dean and Rob, who are mainly car  photographers know exactly what they’re doing behind a camera.


Not only did Rob take photos of Maddy but he took some Chucky vibed ones of me in the rain.


We visited the Clarion tressel and a power plant. It was dope for me to hang out with fellow artists finally!

Don’t forget to check of the rest of my blog and all my friends Instagrams!

Rob: cheapshotrob

Dean: tag__yourit

Maddy: maddyymoo_


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