5 Tips On Thrifting For Beginners

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If you’ve checked put my previous blog posts or my YouTube channel you’d know thrifting is something I love and am very passionate about. I’m here today to give you some tips and tricks I wish I knew when I first started my thrifting journey.

1. Gender

If you’re a woman don’t be scared to look in the mens section. Or even the kids section! Items are often misplaced or miss marked so you have to look all over the store.


2. Size

Sa,e goes for size as gender. Many times items are older and size standard have changed.

3. Know Your Brands

See something you know is wroth value but not in your size? Buy it. Resell it. It’s an easy way to make money and you have fun while doing it.

4. Know The Sales

Thrifted clothes are already cheap but it’s useful to know when your local stores are having sales. Sign up for emails, or talk to the staff to find out when the best days are to go.

5. Frequency Is Important 

Back home before I left for college I went to my local Goodwill every Friday. I recommend doing this because it’s not too frequent but gives enough time for new items to come in.


I hop you enjoyed this post and found it useful! If you did don’t forget to check out the rest out my blog and leave a comment!



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