July/ August Happiness

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A lot has happened in my life during July and August. I took a break for blogging and YouTube, I moved, and I made a whole bunch of crazy life changes.

If you’re new to my blog you’re probably a little bit confused. What is “Insert month Happiness”?

Every month I talk about a few think that have made my month great.


Because it’s important to reflect on what makes you happy and keeps you going. It’s essential for self love and all together happiness.

1. Being Single

I’m not here to bash my ex or my relationship. But why would you be happy about ending a great relationship? Because it’s a time spend time on you. This makes me happy because I have time to now fully love myself and spend time on myself.

2. Moving

I left my wonderful job. I left my family and friends. Why? College. I recently moved from Ohio to Pennsylvania to attend school. This makes me happy because it’s a great experience to go to somewhere new and get an education.


3. Coloring My Hair Blue

I had red/pink/purple hair for three years. I spent three months trying got color my hair blonde because everyone was telling me to. I didn’t feel like myself. As soon as I got to college I colored my hair blue. This makes my happy because I finally feel like myself again.


4. College

I absolutely love college. I’ve made so many great friends, I love my roommates, and I love my major. This makes my happy because I’m finally finding my people and what I want to do.


5. Photography

I’ve gotten into taking pictures! Before I left for school I bought a Canon Rebel T6i and absolutely love it. This makes my happy because I’m finding something I love to do.



If you enjoyed this post be sure to check out the rest of my blog, especially under the be happy tab!



2 thoughts on “July/ August Happiness

  1. Congrats on your blog of happiness! So thrilled for people who are dedicated to finding joyful moments in their lives! For those that think the grass may be greener on the other side of the fence,why not water the grass you’re standing on ❤

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