September Happiness

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I write here trying to balance college, a social life, and being a content creator. I’m struggling but I think I’m going to make it. If you;re new here, even month I do something the features what made my month better.

1. English

I’m Dyslexic so reading and writing can sometimes be hard for me. I’m in English 111 at my school and I received a 93% on my first paper!

2. Making Friends

If you did’t know this already, I moved to a whole new state for school. I’m slowly making a great group of friends and I’m really happy about it.

3. My Mom’s Birthday

Even though I did;t get to go home to see my mom for her birthday it still made me happy that she got to spend it with her fiancé.

4. Minor

I’ve finally declared my minor in Psychology! I’m finally on the right track to becoming an art therapist and this makes me happy.

Not too much happened in September for me to write about. It was still a great month for me.

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Be Happy.


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