5 Things I Learned My First Semester Of College


Although it’s only October and I have only been here a few months, I have learned so much. I am here today to share all the great and not so great things I have learned so far!

1. You’ll Realize Who You Really Have Back Home

I go to a state school in Pennsylvania so a lot of the people at my college don’t understand what it’s like to be hours away from home. I don’t have the luxury of going home every weekend, I was even considering not going home for Thanksgiving. Being so far away has made me loose contact with a lot of the people I knew. I genuinely have lost so many friends back home that I only keep in contact with about three people and the rest of my family.

2. It Is Genuinely Hard To Be Vegan At Most Colleges

I went in to college being vegan and I’ve already decided it will be too hard for me. My school has limited options. If I want to get a good meal in and use my board, it’s basically impossible for me. I still believe in everything I did before it’s just too much of a struggle for me. I don’t eat meat, avoid eggs, and drink almond milk, but on many occasions I find myself eating foods that have milk or eggs in them.

3. You’re Going To Be Really Busy

I’m sure this is a given to most people applying for college, but time management is going to be key. For me, Monday through Wednesday I don’t get free time until about 8pm.

4. People Who Say “The Only Way You’ll Enjoy College Is If You Get Involved” Are Not Always Right

If we’re being honest, I’m having the time of my life. I’m limited on what activities I can do this semester due to my schedule so I’m not very involved except for showing up to my classes. I do plan on possibly joining a Sorority and being involved in our Art Club next year, but I just don’t have time for it right now and am still having fun.

5. You’ll Live For Saturday Nights

My school is not a party school by any means, and a lot of people hate it here because of that. But in my opinion if you find your people you’re going to have fun. I’m lucky enough to already have made great friends. My roommates are honestly my best friends and I couldn’t imagine not knowing them.


I love college. I love my school and I love my friends. I’m doing great and I’m happy I made the choice to take on the challenge of higher education.








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