January Happiness

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If you’re new here, or forgot I existed due to my failing to post for a month, monthly happiness is something I post about every month. I take time to reflect on all the good situations I was put in, by choice or on accident over the past, around 30 days.

January was honestly a great month for me. It was full of a lot of different events and adventures that I can’t wait to share.

1. I Got Promoted

I have worked at the same fast food place since I turned 16. I love it. I would not trade the experiences and friendships I have made working there for anything. It was something may managers had been talking about since I had turned 18 and it finally happened while I was home on break from college!

2. I Applied To Art School

Don’t get me wrong, I love my school. But I’m not sure it is necessarily the best fit for me. So instead of applying to other colleges to transfer to I decided to apply to an art school back home that I have been interested in her since I was a kid.

3. Going Back To School

I love being home, Columbus is my favorite place ever and always will be. But I’m happy to be back at school getting an education and working towards my future.

4. I Hit 3k

I didn’t really talk about this anywhere but I hit 3k on Instagram. This is cool for me because 1. I don’t follow a lot of people back (oops) and 2. as a content creator thats honestly real cool.

It was a super busy last few months for me! I’m happy to be bak writing and recording! Don’t forget to check out my Instagram (@corahandley) and to add me on snap (@cora_mai) to keep up to date on the wonderful chaos that is my life

Be Happy.


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