5 Ways To Stay and Feel Positive Even On Your Worst Days

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We all have bad days, some more than others. I used to struggle with depression and anxiety greatly, so it felt like every day was a bad day for me. After a while, my sad feelings went away, mostly thanks to this blog, and I haven’t had a really bad day in a while, until yesterday.

When I have a bad day or something sets me off, one of two things happen, I either get over it in an hour or I’m really sad for a day. I don’t necessarily get really personal on my blog, but I spent the majority of my day crying and being sad yesterday, just over someone’s words.

I know how horrible it is to have a bad day or to be upset, so I’m here today to give you five ways to stay and feel positive even on your worst days.

1. Think About What Happened

It’s common when something upsetting to you happens, you try and suppress it, I used to do this all the time and I’ve realized how toxic it is. Now I’m the kind of person that enjoys talking relatively close to the situation about what happens, but when the other person isn’t ready to talk, can’t talk, or doesn’t have to do with another person, reflect on what happened. Is this situation toxic to you and making your life negative? Is it worth continuing a relationship? Can you do anything to make it better? Is it forgivable? Do you care and love the person enough to work on things? Was it blown out of proportion? Do you see it from both prospectives?

2. Be Prepared To Apologize

I’m incredibly hardheaded. Normally if you do something toxic to me, I don’t want you in my life. But there are some people I genuinely value more than anyone, this is the case for my situation right now. Even if you hate apologizing if you value the person. Do it. Don’t think you’re in the wrong but they think you are? New it from their perspective and if you were in the situation and would want an apology? Apologize. Do you talk reckless when you get upset? Apologize. Know you were in the wrong. Apologize.

3. Go Outside

Sunlight makes people feel good. Vitamin D from the sun’s ultraviolet rays hitting the skin help the body maintain high levels of serotonin. So when you’re upset, go outside, go for a walk, read a book outside, go to the pool, it’s bound to make you feel better… Or if you’re not a fan of bugs in the summer or its winter, consider purchasing a Happy Light! I use mine in the winter to get ready in the morning, this is the one I have!

4. Believe In Your Higher Power

Weather our religious, believe in vibes set out for you, know that there’s a higher power in control. Know there’s a plan set out for you.

5. Know You Will Be Okay

Whether it’s a death or an ended friendship, know you’ll be okay. You might be upset now, but you’ll be okay, everything happens for a reason, and when the pain or sadness ends, you’ll be ready to be stronger than you were before.

I hope you enjoyed my post and as always, I hope it can help you in some way! For notifications of when I post make sure to follow my Instagram, @corahandley, for updates!

Be Happy.


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