10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me 2018

I made a post exactly like this almost a year ago, but I haven’t realized how much I’ve changed in the past year until one of my dad’s friends brought it up yesterday.

I’m not exactly sure what caused me to change for the best, whether it’s basically being single for a year (learning to love myself on my own), going to school out of state, or just getting older, I definitely have grown into a better me within the past year.

Today I’m here to show 10 Things You Probably Don’t know about me!

1. I’m Only 19

In March I turned 19. I realized most people that follow me on social media, so I assume people who read my blog too, didn’t know I’m 19. I’ve had so many life experiences someone my age probably shouldn’t have had, but I’m here to turn my pain into power and share and help.

2. Art Therapy

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this in any of my posts (but I could have), but I’m going to school to become an Art Therapist. I’m transferring to a school next semester that has an Art Therapy major, but I’ll actually be a double major in Psychology also! I hope to work in a prison since art, psychology, and criminology all interest me!

3. I Work In Fast Food

I definitely have mentioned this before, but not in-depth, I work at Wendy’s and I love it. I’ve been there for three years and it’s been my only job besides my work study at my previous college.

4. I Started As A YouTuber

Yup, that’s right, I first started this content creation journey making videos! I first started in 2014 and kept going on and off until 2017. I still, very very occasionally, make videos but I prefer writing. You don’t have to look presentable like you do on camera (haha) and in my opinion, it’s easier to share and connect with.

5. I Almost Didn’t Go To College

But I did obviously! I really found it pointless and not something I wanted to do while I was in high school. Now, years later, I have no idea what I was thinking and have no idea where I could see my life going if I hadn’t gone to college! I’ve learned so much already even though I’ve only been in college for a year.

6. I’m Dyslexic

I possibly mentioned this before too, but I have Dyslexia. (What exactly is Dyslexia? Find out here!) I was tested and diagnosed around third grade and went to tutoring for many years. I still can’t spell to save my life, and probably wouldn’t be about to have a successful blog without Grammarly!

7. I Love Learning

One of the reasons I went to college is because I love learning new things, it’s also the reason I took my promotion at work because I wanted to learn more!

8. Religious

I’m very in touch with my relationship with God. I try not to go into it very much in any of my posts because I respect everyone’s beliefs, but my faith plays a huge role in my life. It hasn’t been like this until the beginning of 2018, but now, I have no idea what I would be able to do without faith.

9. I Originally Wanted To Write About Beauty

I love makeup, but I’ve decided that’s not the best niche for me. I still occasionally write about things other than happiness, I guess technically I am a lifestyle blogger, but I really prefer writing about something that can genuinely impact someone’s life.

10. I Blog About Happiness Because I Struggle With It

I took a pretty big break from writing this year honestly. Why? I was busy with college but at first because how can you write about happiness when you’re not truly happy? Last just, a relationship I valued greatly ended and it affected me poorly for a while. At first, I dealt with it by writing a lot, trying to suppress it. Then I ended up not writing at all because I felt the words I had to say were not valid because I wasn’t happy. Now, I realize everything’s either going to work out or there is something better for you, so you don’t need to worry about the small things, and I’m back to both writing and my niche.


I hope you both enjoyed and learned more about me! If you did and you’re new here, make sure you check out the rest of my blog! I typically have a new post every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday!


Be Happy.

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