October Happiness

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Sooo it’s November 1st. We’re 11 months into 2018 and I have taken more L’s this year than I thought was even possible. I have no idea where this year has gone and honestly I feel I have done absolutely nothing relevant with my life for a full year.

With that being said that just leaves (a lot of) room for improvement for 2019 rightttt?

If you’re new here, when I remember I have a blog, every month I talk about things that made my life good. I started doing this because it helps me realize even when it’s bad, there’s good.

I also want to take time to say I’m going back to my old ways and only using social media for content creating and promoting a happy lifestyle. I’ve gotten distracted the past year and honestly have turned into someone I don’t want to be so we’re changing it up.

1. ALF

I transferred colleges. Probably the worst (but also the best) choice I’ve ever made for myself, but that’s another story. I went back to visit my old college for a festival they have every year!

2. Letting Go Of Negativity

In the month of October I cut a lot of people out of my life that I knew weren’t good for me and that I knew I was holding on to because I was comfortable with them. This makes me happy not only because I now have time to focus on positive people and let them in my life but I let go a lot of toxic energy that was affecting my mental health.

3. School

I’m doing really well in school. This makes me happy because I thought I was going to struggle a lot this semester after switching my major in schools but I’m not at all.

4. Family

This month I’ve spent a lot more time with my family. This makes me happy because that is one reason I wanted to transfer schools and my mom is honestly becoming my best friend and I love it.

I know this was short but I haven’t really been focusing on things to better myself for awhile but I thought this would be a good post to get back into things.


Be Happy.



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