20 Lessons for 20 Years: Part 1


I recently turned 20, by recently I may or may not mean 2 months ago, but still. I wanted to share 20 things I’ve learned so far in my (honestly short) life. I’m splitting it up into two parts though so it’s not a super long read.

1. You Might Think You Have Your Life Together But You Probably Don’t

When I was in high school I only felt comfortable when I felt like I had my future planned out.  I only felt content after I knew what college I was going to, what career path I thought I would pursue, and other big life choices that come during this time. Now those choices have changed (I transferred schools and changed majors, and now honestly know I by no means have my life together.)

2. Never Regret Spending Money On Education

How expensive college is almost stopped me from going. But now that I’ve started college and have experienced so many things because of it, it’s worth it. You not only learn all kinds of new things, you really learn who you are and new things about yourself.

3. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

I was incredibly comfortable with my first college I went to. I knew where everything was, I made countless friends, and I was having fun. When deciding to transfer back to my home state (as well as hometown) I knew it was going to be different for me. I wasn’t a freshman (and really didn’t want to be friends with freshmen) and felt weird trying to build friendships with people who already had their set friends. So I joined a sorority. The biggest thing I’ve ever done that was out of my comfort zone.

4. Life’s 10% What Happens To You And 90% How You React

My friend said this to me a few years ago and I try to think of it daily, as not only a person with horrible anxiety but also someone who feels everything really deeply, it’s an important reminder to try and chill.

5. If It’s Meant To Work Out It Will

If you follow me on social media or know me really well, you’ve probably heard me say this countless times. If it’s meant to happen, it will. If not, there’s something better for you. I say this in every situation that has me stressed. I’ve noticed myself recently not following this too well, but it helps to keep faith and know what is meant to happen, will.

6. Stop Caring What Other People Think

Easier said than done. Do things for you, not because it is or isn’t socially what matters. When you stop caring about others opinions, your life gets easier. (This completely goes against my new point, but I hope you understand the difference)

7. Don’t Get Mad, Better Yourself

Take criticism. I’m a manager and I always ask my crew what I can do to make work better. I don’t get mad if they say something I don’t want to hear. I listen and better myself. If someone doesn’t like something I do. I want to hear it so I can fix it. Don’t let criticism of your actions upset you, use it to fix it and better yourself.

8. Being Honest Is Good

A year ago someone told me “I’m not for everyone” and I had no idea what that meant until recently. I’m very honest. Honesty is something I value A LOT (if you’re friends with me you know this hahaha). I’d always rather someone tell me something they think would upset me then lie about it to try and protect my feelings.

9. I’m Sorry vs What Can I Do

I love helping people and care a lot about my friends. A lot of times when people rant or say something is wrong, some peoples first response is to apologize. Of course, this is good and helpful, but I’ve learned taking it a step further and asking what you can do to help (only if you actually care and want to help of course) can actually help people a lot.

10. Do More Of What Makes You Happy

Don’t pick a career path for money. Don’t hang out with people only because they’ve been in your life for so long. Stop building relationships who you have nothing in common with. Just be happy.


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