Where I’ve Been

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I feel like my past 5 posts have started with the same thing, making excuses for where I’ve been.

And you wanna know something?

There shouldn’t be excuses. I have time. Massive amounts of time. And you know what I do during that time?

Absolutely nothing

Art Major Adventures


I’ve decided to start a new part on my blog capturing the adventures I go on creating art as a college student. My awesome roomie and new best friend models and two of her photographer friends came up for the weekend and let me tell you, it was a kick ass thing.

Dear An Abusive Ex 

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Dear An Abusive Ex,
I refused to let anyone touch me for six months after we ended things. I didn’t even let my mom hug me. I can tell you exactly when I was when I told my mom why I didn’t like to be hugged anymore.

10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me


Even when reading my about page you probably don’t know that much about me. Since people are actually starting to follow my blog I’ve decided I’m going to introduce myself a bit.

I’m Cora

1. I’m Dyslexic 

I have a learning disability! Yeah, ironic, having a blog but struggling with reading a writing. I was tested in third grade and went through Orton Gillingham until about 6th grade.

2. I Also Have ADHD

In many cases people with dyslexia also have ADHD, and that’s the case for me.

3. I Love Makeup 

Started in 2014 I started experimenting with makeup and fell in love. I then created a YouTube channel!

4. I’m Majoring In Fine Arts

Although I’m about to graduate high school, in August I’m going to college and will de receiving a BFA.

5. My Boyfriend Is A Marine

I’ve mentioned it in a few blog posts but my boyfriend is a marine.

6. My Hair Is Naturally Blonde 

My hair has been red for about for year but it’s actually naturally blonde!

7. I’m Vegan

I know I’ve made a few posts about it but I thought I’d mention it!

8. I Volunteer At A Dog Shelter 

I walk dogs at my local shelter! I love it!

9. I Love Working 

Something you probably didn’t think you’d hear from an eighteen year old. I love my job and anything that has to do with working!

10. I’m Really Ready To Move Away

Like I said, I’ll be going to college in August. I’ll be moving from suburban Ohio to rural Pennsylvania and I’m so excited for the new experience!

An Introvert’s Guide to Senior Year

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I spent more time with myself than I do with other people yet I’m not upset about it. I’m one of the most low key people I knew. I’m not shy but I probably won’t be the one to start a conversation. Your senior year is filled with tons of events you’re expected to attend and memories you’re “supposed” to be making. So this is my guide, as a fellow introvert, to getting through your senior year of high school.

Vegan At Disney 2017

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I recently went to Disney World for the first time! It was my graduation present and it was a blast. My mom and I had the Disney Dinning Plan which included two snacks, one quick service meal (which is a counter service meal) and one sit down meal per person a day. I realized it was much easier to say you have food allergies because the one time my mom said I was vegan and the chef was not too kind about it. They will bring the chef out for you and it’s amazing! I’m going to start day by day and talk about what I ate!

Magic Kingdom 

Magic Kingdom was the first park we stopped at. I first had a funnel cake, which I was told was vegan friendly, at Sleepy Hollow. I unfortunately don’t have any pictures of in but man was it good. The next stop was our sit down dinner at the Diamond Horseshoe. The chef prepared a salad, a pasta dish with vegetables, and corn and potatoes for me. For desseret I got sorbet. Later that night I got Dole whip because apparently that’s one thing you can’t miss out on at Disney.


My mom and I went to Epcot two days! The first day I used my quick service meal at Liberty Tavern to order their “Chicken”. It’s not real chicken of course but I have definitely had better meat alternatives. I didn’t end up using my snakes the first day but the second day I did get shaved ice!


For our sit-down meals we went to Beirgarden in Germany and Chef De France in France. One of these was the one who my mom mistakenly mentioned the dreaded word vegan but it all turned out okay. At Beirgarden I was very limited, I got potatoes, green beans, rolls, and a salad.


Chef De France was my favorite meal. Not only did we get to see the Epcot lake show from our dinner table the meal was amazing. The chef was so kind and accommodating. I got a roll, french onion soup without cheese, tomatoes stuffed with vegetables, and finally amazing sorbet. My birthday was March 22 so my mom surprised me and he them sing to me!