What Are You Even Good At? A (Hopefully) Life Changing Question

A few days ago, my ex, the boy I’ve known for almost two year, my best friend looked at me and said, “Cora what are you even good at?”

At first I was honestly mad, thinking, ‘you know me better than anyone, how could you even say that. I’m good at so many things, what are you even talking about’ but instead I responded “Um I don’t know. Blogging? School? Art?” and then got the response “Oh yeah I forgot you do art. Why don’t you post about it?”

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January Happiness

If you’re new here, or forgot I existed due to my failing to post for a month, monthly happiness is something I post about every month. I take time to reflect on all the good situations I was put in, by choice or on accident over the past, around 30 days.

January was honestly a great month for me. It was full of a lot of different events and adventures that I can’t wait to share.

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July/ August Happiness

A lot has happened in my life during July and August. I took a break for blogging and YouTube, I moved, and I made a whole bunch of crazy life changes.

If you’re new to my blog you’re probably a little bit confused. What is “Insert month Happiness”?

Every month I talk about a few think that have made my month great.


Because it’s important to reflect on what makes you happy and keeps you going. It’s essential for self love and all together happiness.

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